Sophie Do I really need to introduce myself? Anne made me famous in Death by Romance, though quite frankly I think I deserved a lot more ink than I got. My human likes to take credit for solving the Gordon Taylor murder but, well, we all know who really did, right? And if you don’t, you need to read Death by Romance.

Life is pretty good now that my human has retired. He pays a lot more attention to me but, of course, not nearly as much as I deserve. He likes to cook and I like to eat. Nice, eh? Sometimes he gets so wrapped up in what he’s whipping up that he doesn’t notice I’m lounging on the counter. For some reason, the counter is supposed to be a “no cat zone” but there’s a spot in the corner that gets the perfect morning sun. Besides, I’m a cat. I have no regard for such things as “no cat zones.” Rules are for lesser beings. In ancient Egypt cats were revered as gods. We haven’t forgotten that.

My human’s girlfriend Caroline has a dog, a stupid little yippy Jack Russell who sometimes comes to visit. His name is Jack. How unoriginal is that? He is beyond annoying. I ignore him until he gets in my whiskers with that “you wanna play, you wanna play” bouncy thing he does—so not cool. He never learns. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to use my claws to say, “No, I do not want to play, Idiot.” And his breath! OMG, it’s disgusting. It’s beyond me why anyone would want a dog when there are so many of my feline brothers and sisters who would make far better companions. Not that I want another cat in the house. No, sirree. I am perfectly content to be an only cat. That sunny spot on the counter only has room for one. That would be yours truly.

I absolutely love stories about furry heroes, even of the canine persuasion. So I’ll be sharing some with you. I’ll also be giving you the do’s and do not’s of living with an exquisite being such as myself. I am mildly interested in hearing stories about your fur babies so do share. Until then, it’s time for a cat nap.

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