Detective Hamlin

Detective Ryan Ryan Patrick Hamlin here. Thanks for stopping by. What’s that? You want to know a little about me?
Okay, well, let’s see. Where to start? As you can see from my picture, I’m tall, dark and handsome—distinguished even—with a classic V-shape physique. Just kidding. That’s not even my picture. I’m more on the not-so-tall, fairly bland, portly side, with unruly gray hair that makes a wire brush green with envy. Now you can understand why I don’t use my own picture. My girlfriend Caroline says I’ve got a cute smile. I hate that ‘cuz I’m a badass.

A badass cop who spent his carer putting bad guys in jail, some of them on death row. Most of ‘em are still in the hoosegow and that’s just where the low-life scumbags belong. You see, until I hit the you’re-over-the-hill mandatory retirement age of 62, I was a homicide detective with the Richmond PD. You might remember me from the Gordon Taylor case. He was that fat cat tycoon that got offed. I thought I’d never solve that case. If you want to know how I did it, read Anne’s book Death by Romance. It’s a pretty good story.

I’m even more of a badass in the kitchen. I. Know. How. To. Cook. You should see my kitchen. Sub-Zero, Viking, Thermador—all the best. Cost me a fortune but worth every dime. I’m thinking of writing a cookbook. You know, something along the lines of A Homicide Detective’s Guide to Meals to Die For or 30 Minute Meals: When You Only Have Time to Hit ‘n Run. Kidding. Sort of. If you’ve got any ideas, let me know.

Anne can’t boil water.  So she’s asked me to weigh in now and again with recipes, thoughts on cooking, and so on. Happy to accommodate. But I expect you to do your part. Got a recipe you love or have a question about the art of cooking, let me know. In the meantime, I’ll be gourmeting it up in my fab kitchen.

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