Mavis Strong

Mavis Strong Mavis Strong here, ready to help you spice up your love life. I know. After reading Death by Romance you might think I’m the last person on the planet who should give advice about love and marriage. But, let’s be fair. Romance, Ltd., is just biz. And you know what? Doug and I have a great marriage that’s not only endured but survived many challenges: a child born with a heart problem, financial woes, and, then, there was the Gordon Taylor murder. I was a suspect! That was the worst. Doug was soooo not happy with me. But that’s old news.

I should probably bring you up to date. Our two oldest kids are in college and thank the good Lord above we can afford the back-breaking tuition—thanks to my brilliant business idea which Marshall Hiller and I are still operating. For a while there, we thought we’d lost everything but, in the end, it all paid off. I could tell you the whole story but you can read about it in Death by Romance. Our youngest will soon finish high school and be off to college. Doug and I will be empty nesters. Wonder what that will be like? I’ve spent so many years raising kids, I can’t even begin to imagine being “done.” I still worry about the kids. Guess I always will. After all, a mom’s always a mom, right?

I wish you could meet Doug. I adore him. He’s handsome and, oh boy, is he a maniac in the bedroom. Ummm hmmmm. Even after all these years, just thinking about it makes me . . . What? Oh, too much information. Sorry. Didn’t mean to brag. Ha ha! Honestly, he’s a great guy and you’ll see why because Anne has asked me to contribute to her blog and I’ll be opining on relationships. You’ll no doubt be hearing about my guy. And, trust me, I wanna hear about yours. Nothing I love more than a little girl talk.

So if you’ve got questions or comments, by all means do chime in.

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