5-Star Praise for Death by Romance

One of The Best Thrillers of 2015. "Death by Romance has it all: a deliciously devious enterprise, a loathsome antagonist and a detective that will have you quickly wrapped around his finger. Janet Evanovich fans will find their new obsession in Anne Kennison." Mishka Rao, Reviewer, Best Thrillers Reviews

"A clever whodunit that'll keep you turning the pages frantically to uncover the murderer. This is a well-written mystery novel that will stump even the most dedicated armchair sleuths. Death by Romance is expertly crafted with each chapter heightening the suspense and intrigue. As the suspect pool deepens, so does the entertainment factor. Highly recommended for readers who enjoy intelligent mystery novels. Self-Publishing Review, 5 Stars

"The twist of the story.... WOW!!! The characters suck you in but the plot keeps you reading! And if you think this will be one of those books that you'll be able to lay off to the side for just a few minutes, think again!! Once you start, you're in... there's no turning back, there's no 'one more page', 'one more chapter'... none of that... you start it, make sure you don't need to do anything and no one needs you, they will find you zoned into this read!" Peggy Salkill, Reviewer and Blogger, Stormy Nights Reviews

"Awesome! A suspenseful murder mystery that kept me turning pages! The characters are well defined, no surprises from their actions and the final twist made perfect sense when it happened but at no point did I see it coming. I was as confused as the detective, wondering if he had the right guy or if it was this guy or maybe that woman....it was great!"Geneva Handleman, Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock

5-Star Priase for Death by Justice

"Deliciously conflicted love, murder and trickery are afoot in this worthy new entry in the Ryan Hamlin series. Highly recommended for murder and romantic mystery fans. . . . With this second novel, Anne Kennison proves that her debut was no fluke." Bella G. Wright, Best Thrillers Reviews

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